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Private Tutoring

Your child may need extra preparation to excel in a UK and Canadian private school or university or pass the entrance exam.  All our tutors are personally known and vetted with impeccable academic backgrounds and a passion and enthusiasm for teaching.

A personalized approach to individual tutoring

Our vision is to provide the highest quality tuition in the UK, combining efficiency with an approach personalised to each family.

Leveraging our expertise, experience and relationships, all of our services are aimed at helping students realise their goals and fulfil their potential.

Our tutors carry out lessons with students at every level of schooling, from Early Years Foundation Stage, KS1 and KS2 at primary level through to KS3 and GCSE.

Our online tutoring caters for a wide range of academic needs. Our tutors have different specialities and we guarantee that you receive the best tutor for your given circumstance.

Our tutors at Firmstone Education are experts in delivering online tuition that is as effective as in-person sessions. The flexibility means you can continue working whatever the circumstance and it allows you access our superb educators wherever you are in the world.

Get started now

Schedule a free introductory call so that we can start the process of security your child's future.